Mission, values

The Country Spa mission is to provide you with an integrative treatment concept to improve your quality of life through complementary, minimally invasive techniques and therapies that work in depth. By choosing our packages, you will benefit from:

  • Initial assessment and diagnosis by classical and alternative medicine specialists;
  • Prompt access to a personalized scheme of complementary therapies and procedures (psychotherapy, colon-hydrotherapy, etc.) for the recovery or maintenance of the natural health condition;
  • Nutrition plan, created by nutritionist experts, based on high-quality ingredients (superfoods) prepared in a specific manner (without fire or at low temperatures, drying, steam, etc.) to potentiate positive qualities and effects;
  • Program of physical activities or practices tailored to individual goals, preferences and abilities, which may include yoga sessions, meditation, etc.;
  • Acquiring proven scientific knowledge and skills to allow you to pursue a healthy lifestyle at home (seminars and workshops);
  • Pleasant, comfortable, carefully decorated ambience to allow you relax, to awaken your senses and to inspire and motivate you;
  • Well-trained and dedicated staff.

The values ​​we believe and that we honor daily are:

Professionalism – this is manifested by the way we choose to treat our guests, guide them, and support them on their way to reaching the own goals.

Dedication – we identify and provide customized treatment to each individual affection using the principles of complementary medicine and engaging in this endeavor all the knowledge and technology available to us.

Confidentiality – discussions with our collaborator physicians or specialists play a very important role in the anamnesis and, implicitly, in determining with the highest degree of accuracy certain condition triggering factors or events. This information is absolutely confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties except with your explicit prior consent.

Passion – we put our heart in what we do because we are convinced that through education and counseling we have the power to prevent and sometimes even to fight the emergence of certain diseases, condition or unaesthetic aspects, by applying the latest discoveries in the field of complementary medicine, nutrition, movement, and so on, whose efficiency is reconfirmed every time.