The story of the dandelion

In the morning…. The sun rises glowing over the lake. Its rays enlace the field and the trees. It gives flowers the power to get up and smile. But most of all, it is the dandelion that smiles. The story says that God sent an Angel to all plants to ask them how they wanted to look. Only the dandelion did not know how it would like to be, and the angel allowed it another day to think it through. On that day, the dandelion, while praying, met the sun, and decided this is how it wanted itself to look like, yellow and beautiful. Then, it saw the moon and changed its mind. It wanted to look like the moon. To be yellow, round and beautiful. Then it also saw the stars and liked those too. When the angel came, it did not know what to say to him: its wish was that it should be like the sun, like the moon, like the stars. But God understood such wish. That is why the dandelion is initially yellow like the sun, then white and round like the moon, and if you blow on it, it spreads away like the stars.

A visit to the SPA, a sensorial journey

Starting with the refined decor that pleasures the eyesight, the aromatherapy that has a stimulating effect, all the way to the soft and relaxing touch of the therapists and ayurvedic products matched with your ayurvedic type and finishing with our signature infusions meant to invigorate and sooth, after you indulge yourself at the SPA you will feel pampered and balanced.
Our services include signature rituals, face and body therapies, esthetic procedures with non-invasive equipment, excellent facilities to complement your spa experience, as well as beauty treatments to perfect your image and boost your self-confidence.

For maximum efficacy and excellent results, we choose three renowned brands of products:

For cosmetic treatments, the product lines were thoughtfully selected to work best in the hands of our team of professionals in order to compliment the natural beauty of our clients.

Choose to have a Simply Zen hair

Innovative formulas with plant extracts, essential oils, luxury active ingredients and specific botanical complexes that are always SLS/SLES free and paraben free.

A new dimension in hair treatments, for an environmentally-friendly and sensorial wellbeing. The benefits of nature combined with technology create a range dedicated to complete care for hair and scalp disorders.

A true expression of nature.

A unique sensorial experience.

Emotion, sensoriality, efficiency and simplicity.

A NATURAL APPROACH in harmony with the senses.

Find a renewed sense of vital harmony with simply zen.

Even for classic beauty procedures like body hair removal are carried out with revolutionary products. Among those there’s also … Lycon.

LYCON, Australia’s #1 Wax Worldwide, enjoys a well deserved international reputation as the crème de la crème of depilatory waxes and is the wax of choice in top spas and salons in over 70 countries and counting. Formulated with the finest resins, pure Australian beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy and natural plant oils, LYCON is the world leader in quality waxes which deliver superior results!

LYCON is a Waxing System, not just wax! Our low temperature, super pliable and gentle waxes provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort on even the most sensitive skins! It is no wonder clients and therapists the world over love LYCON!

Choose to have a Oway hair

Organic Oway  is the first professional haircare line based on biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates and essential oils. We believe in biodynamics, a type of agriculture that respects the oil and bans the use of chemicals, providing us with pure extracts.” and without chemical treatments is healthier for our body and increases the quality and well-being of our lives.

Essential oils have strong effects on the body and mind, transforming the moment of treatment into a space of relaxation and holistic wellness.

Think of place where you can relax, surrounded by scented Spa perfumes, where you can soak your hair in a hair purifying bath, where you can indulge in a hair wash and enjoy a specific Ayurveda massage, sipping some herbal tea. This is our concept of natural and holistic well- being, which regenerates hair, scalp and…thoughts!


Nashi is an 100% Italian brand that listens and meets the needs odf customers with passion and efficiency. Nashi Argan works with the utmost respect for nature to ensure a minimum impact on the environment, thanks to recyclable materials and the entire production process that uses alternative energy sources.

Country Spa is this space under the sun, surrounded by nature, on which the moon shines and where the stars guide your steps. It is the place where you may want more and your wish comes trues. It is the refuge you need.

Located in Snagov on the shore of the lake, surrounded by forests, with the staff ready for you only, with the cutting-edge equipment items, Country spa proves to be more than a relaxing choice, it proves to be the choice for the soul. Country spa is a choice which, if you made it once, you will never change it.

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